't Huis te Rosendaal

Bed and Breakfast

situated in the quaint Dutch Polderlandscape, in the Green Heart of Holland, between the idyllic town Oudewater and the village Haastrecht.

Arround the house you can enjoy the gardens, the carp in the pond, the orchard, the chickens in the coop and the cows and sheep in the meadow.

There are plentifull villages and towns at a walking, -of cycling distance;  Oudewater, Haastrecht, Vlist and Gouda. If this is too far to walk or cycle, or if you prefer to go further from home, bus 107 stops, every half hour, right in front of the house.

If you do not know what to do in the area, we have plenty of brochures on hand are for information.

Below a few tips.


Gouda, among other things, known for its cheese market, famous Town Hall and Sint Jan ( St. John's Church) with its famous stained glass windows .


Oudewater, visit the Witches Weighhouse , grab a terrace in the center or go and visit one of the six museums which the town has to offer.


Hekendorp, known for his Goejanverwellesluis, within walking distance.


Schoonhoven, known as silver town , is like Oudewater one of the fortress cities of the Old Dutch Waterline. (Oude Hollandse Waterlinie )


Haastrecht, also known for the museum Bisdom van Vliet also has a canoe center kanocentrum and a lot of restaurants. On the way to Haastrecht you pass the only monastery of the Passionist what the Netherlands has to offer.


And don't forget Kinderdijk and in the spring the Keukenhof !


Further, through the central location, cities such as Rotterdam, Leiden, Den Haag, Utrecht and Amsterdam are easily accessible.


De aanhouding van prinses Wilhelmina aan de Goejanverwellesluis 28 juni 1787
Museum Bisdom van Vliet te Haastrecht
Kaasmarkt in Gouda
Kano├źn in de Vlist
Schoonhoven, een van de steden van de Hollandse Waterlinie
De Heksenwaag in Oudewater
Uitzicht vanaf het Floris V pad
Bollenvelden bij de Keukenhof
Goejanverwellesluis bij Hekendorp

't Huis te Rosendaal

Wil en Trude de Geus

Provincialeweg Oost 37

2851 AA Haastrecht

tel.: +31 (0)348-506917

tel.:  +31 (0)6219 419 05

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